Since it is that time of year again, I was looking to give fellow and future Trojans alike, some tips on how to dominate their midterms and start  the year strong.

1.  Stay healthy and eat right

Even though you want to get good grades of you exams that douesnt mean you have to sacrifice your health. Be sure to eat well and stay healthy. This way, the studying process is much easier and you 100% during test days.

2. Get plenty of Rest

Although pulling an all nighter at Leavey may seem like a great idea make sure to get some rest. If start to dose of take a quick nap when you can. Remember, all your studying will go to waste if you are asleep during your exam.

3. Pace yourself

Make sure to not procrastinate. Although it can sometimes be the best route, taking your time to study and learn the material will help you become more comfortable with the material. Set daily goals on how much information you want to cover and plan ahead.

4. Take Breaks

You don’t want to burn out during finals week which is why it is important to take breaks. Whether that means going for a quick Ground Zero run or just relaxing outside in McCarthy Quad study breaks are great giving yourself some time to re energize and refocus.

5. Keep calm and Fight on

Last but certainly not least, don’t get too stressed out. Just stay calm and be confident in your skills. If you have put in the effort it will certainly you show. Have faith in yourself and FIGHT ON!



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