What’s up guys?

I know that admission letters went out last week, and I’ve already seen a bunch of people posting their #IGotIntoUSC pics and videos. They’re really fun to watch, and it takes me back to not too long ago when I did a victory lap around my house when I got in to my dream school. The neighbors definitely thought I was crazy, but that is neither here nor there… Anyway, congrats! Hard work pays off, and I know you’re gonna love it here, cause I forsure┬ádo.

This was right after my victory lap

In the spirit of getting y’all even more excited to come to USC, I wanted to talk about one of my favorite clubs on campus: 3D4E!

3D4E, aka ‘3D For Everyone’, is a project based organization that allows students of all academic backgrounds and disciplines to get more experience with 3D printing. The nature of the organization is to grow through shared competencies, but at 3D4E, it pays to be different. As a member, I gain a unique hands-on learning experience that can stretch to speaking engagements at Autodesk, internships with start-ups, and the chance to give back to communities.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a project-based club, so every semester the members break up into teams for 4 or 5 people, and come up with a problem to solve with 3D printing. My group this semester is called the Spectacle Squad; we chose to address the problem of eyeglasses, and their lack of customizability and comfort at an affordable price. Our target market is kids in the area surrounding USC. Since kids grow are constantly growing, they need multiple pairs of glasses throughout their childhood, making glasses very expensive for parents. In addition, kids tend to hate glasses when they first get them because they don’t fit well and are unattractive. Our solution is to print custom fitted frames designed by each kid in order to improve comfort and their interest in wearing glasses. 3D printing allows my team to incorporate precise, individual fitting compatible with any lens shape at a reduced cost. This ease of production allows for customizability and opens up the possibility interchangeable eyeglass parts.

Eventually, we want to standardize our design into a template and perfect our system for turning measurements into glasses. In the future, we hope to establish an outreach project, setting up programs where kids can come and design their own frames.


USC chapter logo

Our Spring Retreat was beach camping in Malibu!


@ Showcase, where we present all our semester projects












The Team

After scanning the lenses, we use Fusion to CAD the frames

Knapp rockin the frames










Our first prototype



I scanned this lens with my dorm printer and we made glasses out of them












Our showcase is in about a month, and I’ll be taking over the @viterbistudent snap chat story at the end of April so be sure to add us on Snapchat and watch all the different projects that 3D4E is working on.

As always, fight on!


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