Hey guys,

This was only one of the many book stands I saw today. There were probably over 10,000 books at the festival all together!

As the school year is coming to a close and finals approach, the best thing you could possibly do is get off campus to distress. Out of sight, out of mind…right?

Most of the time, yeah I would say so. But this weekend there was something better in the works and it wasn’t more than a five-minute walk away. The time has come for the annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books!

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Each year, book lovers come from far and wide to collect on USC’s campus, wander through hundreds of tents, and meet some pretty impressive authors at the biggest book festival in the United States.

I joined the crowd as a fellow bookworm this warm Sunday morning only to discover great books sales, free coffee, and some insanely talented muralists. But by far my favorite was this cool little stand selling notebooks that had been hand made from recycled classic novels.




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The orange truck is called Jogasaki and sells Sushirritos, or Sushi Burritos. I’d highly recommend hitting them up whenever you’ve got the chance!

And of course, I could never miss out on the food! One of the many perks of gigantic festivals in LA… they always provide the best food trucks (and I’ll always take advantage of those).  I treated myself to a fantastic Sushirito from the Jogasaki Japanese/Mexican fusion truck AND an authentic Connecticut Lobster Roll from Cousin’s Main Lobster (because you should never have to choose between the two).

The LA Times Festival of Books turned out to be a student’s dream: great books, a beautiful day, amazing food, and right on campus!

All in all… it’s been a good day 🙂 Now time to hit the books!





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