There really is nothing like home. But I know what you’re thinking, “What is a Porterville?”. Well, it’s a sauna that traps 50,000 people somewhere between the bustling metropoles famously known as Bakersfield and Fresno. Here the oranges are abundant and entertainment involves watching tourists on their way to the Sequoias trying to adapt to the smell of manure. But really, I do love Porterville. So without further adieu, here’s a day in the life.

5:45 – I once woke up this early to go on a hike. I was tired all day but it was worth it for the nice view.

7:30 – Alarm goes off so I can get up and go to the gym. (Disclaimer this does not always happen)

7:50 – Catch up with the world of social media whilst my cat lays on my chest.

8:00- I try to find the motivation to get out of my amazing non-twin XL bed.

9:30 – Breakfast. Honey Bunches of Oats. Sometimes eggs. Definitely not coffee because it tastes gross.


10:24  – Leave for work.

10:28  – Arrive at Spoons! This is the local frozen yogurt shop that I work at with AMAZING salted caramel fro-yo.



10:37 – Play some tunes. Most likely Red Hot Chili Peppers. Jack Johnson if the mood is right.

11:00 – Open shop. Turn on yogurt machines. Perform yogurt quality check. Fill toppings.

12:45- Clean up spills. Help customers.

1:00 – Do weekly inventory by placing the order for toppings, yogurts, spoons and such.

1:15 – Clean more spills.

1:30 – Lunch 🙂

Sandwich from my fav lunch spot down the road!

Sandwich from my fav lunch spot down the road!

2:00 – Perform maintenance on machines. Fight 2 o’clock feeling.

4:30 – Head home!

5:00 – Relax and watch an episode (or two) of SUITS on Netflix

6:00 – Boxing session with my brother and Andrew.

8:00 – Eat dinner with the fam bam.

9:30 – Bug my sisters.

11:00 – Go to bed!!!


On days that I don’t work at Spoons, I work nights at an Italian restaurant as a waiter. A couple days a week, I work both at Spoons and the restaurant. These doubles are killer, but I love both of my jobs, which makes the time go by super quick.

The Don Vino's Staff is SUPER.

The Don Vino’s Staff is SUPER.

On a side note: Waiting tables  is something that I think everyone should do at least once in their lives. It’s taught me to manage my time, deal with people effectively, and resolve conflicts. The summer is also an important time for me to save money for school year expenses. Even though neither of these jobs are directly related to my major, I consider them an important part of my education outside of the classroom, and Industrial Engineering can be applied to any job or discipline.

Finally, while I’m really enjoying my summer, I can’t wait to go back to USC!!! Hope you all are having a blast just like I am!

Til next time,



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