Hey guys!

I woke up this morning pretty shell-shocked at the realization that in a little over a week I”ll be starting my Junior year of college. I’m starting to sound like my parents, but it seems like just yesterday I was moving into my freshman dorm at Parkside. USC has been my dream school since I was in elementary school and having the opportunity to attend USC was the start one of the most amazing, challenging and rewarding experiences of my life so far, and it’s only halfway through!

My mom immigrated from Nicaragua and didn’t go to college in the United States, so while I was incredibly excited for what college had to offer, I really didn’t know what to expect when I walked onto SC’s campus for Move-In Day. However, now that I’m getting ready to be a wise old junior, I can confidently say I have some experience about life at USC. Below are some tips for Welcome Week this year, which includes some of my favorite parts of my freshman welcome week experience and other random tips and tricks. Enjoy!

1.  Leave Your Dorm Room Door Open

Parkside A & H!


If you haven’t checked out the USC housing website, the link is HERE. The website has videos, virtual tours, and maps so that you can find your dorm next Wednesday. Also, if you’re interested in knowing what my experience was like at Parkside, message me and/or check out an earlier blog about Parkside A&H!

Any dorm that you stay at on campus is going to be amazing, and with the Village opening up, some of you will have the opportunity to break in some brand new dorms! Each dorm on campus will have a different reputation, but when it comes down to it, dorm living is what you make of it. Parkside had a reputation of being anti-social and away from the rest of campus, but my floor was where I met a lot of my friends freshman year, some of whom have become my best friends today. I don’t think this could have happened if our suite hadn’t decided to leave our door open whenever we were inside. People would stop by whenever they saw it open and introduce themselves. Especially at the beginning of the year, everyone is eager to meet new people and make friends, so having your door open is a smart move.



2. Go to the Welcome Week events (FREE FOOD)


3. Hang out with ME at the Viterbi Luau!!


4. Give yourself a campus tour (with your class schedule)


5. Check out every student org you can!


Fight on, and see you soon!


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