Hey future Trojans,

I hope you all are hungry, and ready to have some serious first-hand food knowledge imparted upon you. I’m talking about arguably the best food truck event in Southern California that is only a short metro ride, drive, or Uber from USC!

So here’s the deal: Every First Friday of the month in Venice there’s a food truck CONVENTION called Abbot Kinney First Friday’s.From about 5-11pm, local shops have happy hour specials, there is music playing, and people are flooding in from all directions.┬áBasically an insane amount of delicious eats and LA’s best food trucks all conveniently lined up along one street.

Here are some of my favorite eats at AKFF:

  1. Kogi- This is a Korean BBQ and Mexican fusion place. You can’t go wrong ordering anything on the menu. Some of my favorites are the short rib tacos or the sliders.

    One of the most popular trucks for a reason

    Short Rib Tacos are to die for

  2. Jogasaki- Everything you love about sushi is now in burrito form. You’re welcome.

    Jogasaki #4A

    The lines are long but the wait is worth it

  3. Ridges- A churro bar that throws ice cream and Nutella in the mix.

    Nutella or fruity pebbles? You pick.

  4. Salt & Straw- This is not a food truck, but it’s located on Abbot Kinney, and it has got some unconventional flavors, like avocado, Haitian rum raisin, or lavender.

    Confession, this is the one in Larchmont, but the one in Venice is just as amazing

Last week, I drove there, and if you do, I recommend skipping Abbot Kinney Blvd. and instead opting for free street parking either near Grand Ave or Electric Ave. There is valet parking around, but you’ll need the walk after stuffing your face all night. Besides, when it comes to parking, FREE IS ALWAYS BETTER.

If you don’t feel like stressing out over parking, I’ve also taken the metro line directly from USC to Santa Monica, which only takes about 40 minutes. From there, you can walk to Venice if you don’t mind a beach walk (who does? idk). Better yet, rent some bikes and ride the bike path along the beach between the two!

They close down streets for this thing

Keep on fightin on,


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