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I’m sure as you are all starting to hear back from your college applications you’re starting to get to the hard part. What? You mean the countless hours of applications weren’t the hardest part of the process? Sad to say, but actually choosing where you want to go is really the thing that a lot of students have trouble with. For me, USC was the college that had the best balance between the academic, social, and extra curricular aspects. Going to a good engineering school was one of my top priorities, as well as going to one that offered my intended major, Biomedical Engineering. While other colleges I was considering had the major, I think that I really fit into the student type that I saw at USC in that most students like to work together and do things outside of class. Lastly, I felt that there were so many things that I could get involved with outside of class that I would definitely find something I loved (and I was right!… in fact… I found quite a few). Overall, I chose USC because I felt I had the most opportunity to do well here. I felt they had the most programs that would help me succeed, in whatever field I wanted to go into.

Biomedical Engineering



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