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This week I wanted to talk about one of the places on campus that I spend the most time at… the Blackstone LaunchPad! Seriously though, people joke that it is my actual home. I love being in the space because it’s one of the most inviting places to get work done and work with a bunch of different people at USC — it’s also home to 3D4E, so naturally I love playing with the 3D printers and working on side projects for the club.

Blackstone LaunchPad

3D4E’s first General Meeting of the Fall semester (~150 people!)

Let me take a step back and give a little bit of background information… The Blackstone LaunchPad is an educational initiative to provide information to students who are interested in working on entrepreneurial projects. Individuals can come in to the LaunchPad to get advice on how to take their entrepreneurial idea and make progress on it.

Venture Consulting

In particular, this weekend the Blackstone LaunchPad underwent a major facelift as Isabella Alford-Lago, who is known for her murals at startup companies, painted some of her famous gorilla murals in the space. See a picture below of the mural in which a gorilla is playing with one of the virtual reality headsets we have in the space. It was great seeing such a cool project unfold over the course of the day!

One of Isabella Alford-Lago's famous gorilla portraits now resides in Blackstone LaunchPad!

One of Isabella Alford-Lago’s famous gorilla portraits now resides in Blackstone LaunchPad!

If you’ve got more questions about the Blackstone LaunchPad or anything related to entrepreneurship on the USC campus… feel free to comment below!


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