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This week I wanted to lay out a couple of things at USC that I think are truly special; while this list isn’t all inclusive, there’s a bunch of great starting points for you to see what events and traditions around USC are awesome!

USC Gamedays

Whether or not you are an avid football fan like myself, I think it’s important that you make it to at least one USC Football Gameday over the course of your time at USC. Football is one of the biggest sports at USC, and definitely one of the most respected programs in the country because of its tradition of excellence. If you’re reading this and you are an incoming freshman, you’ll be even luckier to know that your Saturdays and Sundays can be taken up for the next couple of years as the Rams will be playing in the Coliseum as well! Enjoy the day by tailgating with friends, playing Kan Jam, and watching the game– bonus points for games against Stanford, UCLA, Notre Dame, and Oregon.

The Weekender

If you aren’t satisfied with the typical gameday experience, be sure to check out the possibility of going to the Weekender one year! The Weekender is a weekend game in the Bay Area where the Trojans either play the Cardinal (Stanford) or the Bears (Cal); typically, you’ll be able to find a friend who is from the area and you can stay at their place with some friends while a great portion of the school heads north for the weekend to saturate San Francisco in cardinal and gold.

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Visions and Voices

Not necessarily a singular event, but most Visions and Voices events are definitely worth going to. Visions and Voices is a school wide initiative to foster interest in the arts and social sciences. They’ve dedicated a lot of time, money, and effort to getting some of the biggest names to come in to perform as well as to talk to you about their lives, their journeys, and more. Some artists I have seen include Elton John (during only his second college performance of his career), Javon Johnson (one of my favorite spoken word poets), Brandon Stanton (Humans of New York), and much more. Check out their calendar of events that becomes available at the start of every year, then find the events you are interested.

BAEP470 – Taking the Leap

Again not a singular event, but similar to Visions and Voices, I think that BAEP470 is one of the best things that you can engage in at USC. You don’t have to be a business major or an entrepreneurship minor to take the course, which is awesome because they bring in guests like Mark Cuban, Jessica Alba, Gloria Steinem, Lindsey Buckingham, Laird Hamilton, and many more. These guests talk about what they did to start their companies or their endeavors in sports, music, entrepreneurship, innovation, and more. There’s so much to learn!

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