Hey guys, this week I’d like to tell you about two of my favorite places in Los Angeles.

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to work on campus at USC, which was fantastic! What was even better about it was that I
had a lot of extra time to spend time exploring all around the city. I went a lot of different places, mostly on my bike, and was able to
really get a feel for the surrounding area. However, my two most favorite day ventures were definitely visiting the Getty Museum and the
Getty Villa. The Museum, which is slightly northwest of Westwood, is an extremely beautiful complex that houses art exhibits from the
Italian Renaissance. It has sculptures, paintings, murals, and lots of other exhibits that are on display annually. Interestingly, I think
my favorite part was the architecture of the complex itself. Must be my engineering roots kicking back into gear! Check out some of my favorite
pictures below!

Next up was another day trip up to the Getty Villa. I was able to bike up to the location in Malibu with a friend and see some of the beautiful
California coastline while riding along the Pacific Coast Highway. Much like the Museum, the Getty Villa displays art, but this time with a focus
on ancient Roman and Greek styles. The villa itself is actually modeled after the exact floorplan from Augustus Caesar’s former vacation home in Pompeii
before it was covered in ash.

If you get the chance to, I highly recommend checking out either of these two great art museums (or any others, for that matter– including LACMA or even the Fischer Museum on campus)

Have a great day, and fight on!




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