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Very excited to be back “on solid ground” again in Los Angeles for the next few months. For those of you who didn’t check out my last post, I talked a little bit about what I was involved with over the summer including my internship experience at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Boston and Chicago, travelling to Beijing for two weeks with the iPodia program, and going to #Iceland for a week to travel the ring road with some friends from high school. It was a busy summer but I loved every minute of it! If you have any questions about it, let me know, check out my last blog, or comment below!

Some pictures from Iceland are below!





It’s so weird thinking that this is my last year at USC; it seems like just a couple weeks ago I was unpacking in my freshman dorm, and now I’m wrapping up my first week back in my new classes for the semester. Speaking of classes, this semester I’m taking…

EE301: Signals and Linear Systems; a continuation of the Electrical Engineering classes that all biomedical engineers take to get familiar with how electrical systems play a role in biomedical devices, this class is focused on signals and mathematically processing them

BME403: Physiological Systems; a look at how systems in the human body function with specific regard to the biomedical engineering applications that are used to treat diseases and conditions that affect them

BME425: Introduction to Biomedical Imaging; a look at the different types of imaging processes that are used in the healthcare industry today; unique benefits of each method and the types of diseases or conditions they are used to diagnose

BAEP452: Feasibility Analysis; the second class in my entrepreneurship minor, a quantitative look at understanding the likelihood of how a business succeeds, using firsthand knowledge and approaches to see how new enterprises function

BISC320: Molecular Biology; a detailed look at how molecules function in cells considering the chemical forces at play and the complex interactions of atoms

I’m really excited to get back into classes and working on some cool projects throughout the semester; I’ll also be working on some awesome things with 3D4E, where we’ve got big plans for the 2015-2016 academic year. To start with, I’m very excited to announce that we’ll be adding two new chapters to the 3D4E national organization (bringing our current number to five!). When I first started as the Director of Collaboration at 3D4E, we had our chapter at USC and another founding chapter at SDSU, but now we’ve grown to include a chapter at UCLA. Check out some of our projects below for more information regarding the types of things we do:


USC Freehand: A way to get intimately involved with 3D printing as well as learning how to design and construct prostheses for children around the world and in Los Angeles. Madelina has been doing some amazing work as one of our project leads in getting students involved with Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles, and we’re beginning to see tangible results in our community (including expansion to working with some other hospitals and clinics in the area).

Scale Model of Campus: Last year we created a low fidelity prototype for approaching this giant project, but we’re continuing to work on it chunk by chunk. We’re looking to finish by May 2016!


Design competitions: With the addition of our two new chapters, we’re hoping to have a design competition between all our sister universities (similar to the one we held last semester, where teams from UCLA, USC, and SDSU competed in creating an RC controlled car. SDSU won)

Student projects: From surfing fins to quadcopters and a lot more, our students choose to work on the things they find most passionate


I’ll also be working on a couple of other projects, but I’ll tell you guys about that another time!


Signing off (for now)


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