Hey guys,

This week I wanted to write about my spring break plans for next week! It’s right around the corner! Now, after a long first half of the semester I am super excited to be visiting my brother in the beautiful city of Santa Barbara. I haven’t seen my brother since Christmas, so it has been long overdue…

Santa Barbara is one of my favorite places to visit because it has incredible views and hiking opportunities like the Malibu hills near Los Angeles. Also, the cliff side beaches and water are extremely fun to visit because they have a lot of different wildlife that you don’t typically get to see.

I usually take the train up to Santa Barbara because it is really easy and accessible to get to the Amtrak station from the University of Southern of California. For the record, it takes only 2 and a half hours to get from downtown Los Angeles to Santa Barbara, which is only a little longer than driving, plus you get to leisurely ride alongside the ocean.

Here are a couple pictures from my last visit to Santa Barbara:

Santa Barbara 1

Santa Barbara 2



Santa Barbara 3

Do you guys have any suggestions for what I should do in Santa Barbara? Should I try my hand at surfing for the first time ever? Any particularly good hiking areas I should try?

What are your plans for Spring Break?



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