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This I wanted to talk solely about biomedical engineering, the best major at the University of Southern California. One of the best things about this major is that you get a great insight to a LOT of different areas of science and engineering. And what I mean by that is you get to take a bunch of different classes, so things are always interesting. The way my first professor freshman year put it, biomedical engineers act as a bridge between different areas of engineering. Whereas an electrical engineer knows a lot about how circuits work, and a neuroscientist knows a lot about how the brain works, a biomedical engineer would know how much current or electricity that the brain could handle without causing damage to a patient. Whether this be a part of a study or an actual medical procedure, biomedical engineers help extend the expertise of certain fields into areas where they are needed.


On that note, here are some of the coolest classes that my friends and I recommend!


BME-402 Control and Communication in the Nervous System

BME-405 Senior Projects: Measurements and Instrumentation

BME-410 Introduction to Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

BME-451 Fundamentals of Biomedical Microdevices

BME-453 Engineering Biomedical Innovations

MASC-350 Nanostructured Materials- Design, Synthesis, and Processing


PS… Here I am testing our bioelectrode setup from medical electronics:



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