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This week I wanted to talk about one of my favorite things to do in Los Angeles. Do you think you can guess it? Is it attending sporting events like watching the Dodgers, Angels, Clippers, Lakers, or Kings? Is it going to one the seemingly endless beaches like Venice, Santa Monica, Dockweiler, Huntington, Malibu, or Manhattan? Is it checking out the different parks nearby like Griffith or Echo? Is it attending one of the thousands of concerts that frequent Los Angeles all year long? As you can probably tell, I could do this for quite awhile…. but I’ll cut right to the chase… one of my absolute favorite things to do in Los Angeles is visit museums (and there are definitely a lot of them to go to).

During spring break I had the opportunity to visit the Getty Center for the second time with my mom. If you’ve kept up with my blogs, I have also written about the Getty Villa, which is similar in that it is also a museum, but it focuses on Roman and Greek art and architecture versus renaissance art. Below are some of the pictures I took of the Getty Center, which is about 10 miles from USC, easily accessible through public transportation (or if you’re like me, bike)!





If that’s not quite your taste, you can always check out LACMA (the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art) to see one of my favorite pieces, Urban Light (pictured below).


Although I would have to say the Getty Center has been my favorite museum to visit so far, there are lots of different options for people interested in the arts in Los Angeles. For instance, we even have a museum on campus that showcases both student art as well as professional pieces done from artists and writers all over the world. If you’re in the area, be sure to check out the exhibits at the USC Fisher Museum of Art. Now as engineers, you might be saying “but I want math and science”… well look no further than across the street. USC is right next to the California ScienCenter and the History Museum.

The ScienCenter is home to the Endeavor, which I also had the opportunity to check out over break. It is absolutely breathtaking to view something that has been into space and back over twenty times and back. One of the things that stood out to me most was that the Endeavor has traveled over 122 MILLION miles during its space missions… That’s equivalent to me traveling round trip to my house in Northern California over a hundred and fifty thousand times.

There are so many places to visit in Los Angeles, each a hidden gem in a city full of art, culture, and opportunity.

That’s it for me this week guys, and because I just watched Anchorman yesterday and I’ve always wanted to say it… Stay classy LOS ANGELES.



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