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This time I wanted to talk a little bit about a new organization that I am a part of this semester. LavaLab is an on campus, student run entity that takes about forty students per semester, puts them into groups, and provides a very structured and useful framework for designing a product or startinga business. It helps connect students with industry mentors in given fields that they are interested in, as well as provides useful workshops on how to pitch an idea, design and branding elements of the company, and more. We have guest speakers every couple of weeks including Will Hsu, Areil Jalali, and even Elon Musk. These speakers come to help students work on the things they are passionate about and give insight as to their experiences in the entrepreneurial world. Take a look at their website here.



ArieljaliliMe with Ariel Jalali!

Will Hsu


Me with Will Hsu!

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