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So if you’ve been reading my blogs this year, you have definitely heard me talking a little about the 3D printing club on campus. 3D4E stands for 3D 4 Everyone, and means exactly that– we aim to provide information and experience for anyone interested in 3D printing and design. We are currently based out of the Blackstone Launchpad, a student incubator and start up mentor program that has space in the Annenberg School of Communication. Our newest project is building a new printer, which will add to the three we currently have. Check out all the pictures below to get a sense of the space we work in and the things we do!

The lab!

One of the prints that came off the printrbot on Thursday!

3D4E is hard a rework building a new 3D printer #maker

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Building a printer!

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Here are some 3D printed surfing fins– we’ll see how they turn out!

Making the #makerspace feel a bit more like home! #3D4E #USC @LaunchPadUSC

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A few “home” touches.

Hey there’s Ian!

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