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This week I wanted to talk a bit about some places on campus that are great for studying, hanging out, or meeting up with people. Everyone has their own favorite places depending on how they work best, and these are some of mine (in no particular order)!

Blackstone LaunchPad

This year, Blackstone LaunchPad has been my bread and butter. My go to. My peanut butter to my jelly. You get the gist. Because 3D4E (the 3D Printing Club on campus) houses our equipment here, and I work for the administrative team for Blackstone LaunchPad, I typically spend a decent amount of time here every week. It’s great because it has white board walls, extra computers, monitors, speakers, and a projector that you can use for all your project needs. It’s also one of the most collaborative places on campus, being home to all of SparkSC’s partner organizations.


Mudd Philosophy Hall

If you’re the type that wants (needs?) perfect quiet to work on your projects, I think this place is probably your best bet. I’ve also always been in love with the building’s semi-Gothic architecture. There’s something about the space that exudes solitude and serenity. You could pass days in this place and you wouldn’t know it.


Doheny “Commons”

DISCLAIMER: This one isn’t really hidden (at all), but it’s too good not to include on the list.

Harry Potter fan? This place will make you one if you aren’t already. The only real difference is that everyone isn’t split up into houses (we’re all Trojans instead of Griffindors, Slytherins, Hufflepuffs, or Ravenclaws). A great open space with real character and located in the heart of campus, it’s a favorite for many students on campus, including this one!


King Hall

This place was probably my favorite place to study my freshman year; less busy than Leavey and a floor away from Cafe 84, I used to grab a meal then head upstairs to work. Over time, I started actually knowing when they would bring out cookies and deserts, and would go downstairs for a workbreak (aka shameless study snack) before the dining hall closed. Kings hall is also right next to an on campus computer lab where you can print things out, as well as the Lyon center, so there’s really nothing more I could have asked for in terms of convenience.


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