Hi guys,

This week I wanted to update you about what I’ve been up to this summer.. For the last two weeks of May I went to Beijing with the iPodia program and now I am currently working for PricewaterhouseCoopers!

China was absolutely incredible and it was great getting to see the iPodia students who we’ve been working with throughout the entire semester.

IMG_0902 Beijing



We did a lot of different cultural activities in and around Beijing including the Great Wall (obvi), the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, HuTongs, and much more. The two weeks there will definitely be some for the books, and  I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to have been to be able to be part of the program.


Between training in Orlando, orientation to my home office in Boston, and working in Chicago, the internship has been a blast. It’s been amazing getting to know the East Coast a lot more intimately given that I was born and raised along the West (Best) Coast. I’ve spent most of my time working in Chicago for a large Pharmaceutical Life Science company (PLS) as a technology consulting intern in the Healthcare industry practice. So far I’ve been involved with working on Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) compliance and usability testing, creation, and population of databases. The internship ends in a couple of weeks, but everything I’ve done has given me a great insight into the consulting industry. It’s been fun getting to work with some of the most talented people in the nation (including a lot of other VSAs!).


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Now before I come back to school, I’ll be travelling to Iceland for a week of some true adventure… A handful of friends have gone to Iceland as a part of the GREEN program, and I just couldn’t withstand the allure of their stories and personal testimonies. I’ll be driving the Ring Road around all of Iceland, camping and hunting for the ever elusive northern lights. Pictures (and stories) to come.

Hope you guys are enjoying your summers. I can’t wait to get back to LA and see what everyone has been up to.


Over and out.



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