Hey guys,

This being potentially my last blog post, I wanted to talk to you about my college application process and what led me to USC. It also gives me an excuse to get all sappy and look back at the last eight semesters I’ve spent at this incredible university.

When I was deciding between colleges, I remember the most important thing for me, alongside strength of the academics, was to find a place with a lot of opportunities for me to get involved. I was choosing mainly between UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, and USC. I had a lot of friends attending UC Davis, a brother attending UCSB, and I would be the first person to go to USC from my high school in five years (my high school is notorious for producing Bruins). From academics to athletics to extracurriculars, I felt that USC not only had it all, but it, in my opinion, surpassed every other school I was considering in any of those categories. I wanted the ability to get involved in a lot of different things, and I definitely got exactly that.

It’s funny, I’ve honestly been staring at the keyboard for awhile trying to synthesize the last four years of my life into words because it just dawned on me that I only have six days left of class for.. potentially ever. Looking back at everything, I’m amazed at what I’ve been able to get involved in at USC and the things that I was able to accomplish. Things that stick our in my mind are:

  • Research at the Brain and Creativity Institute
  • Solving complex business problems with the Marshall Case Team
  • Working for myLabbox, a biotech startup in downtown Los Angeles
  • Attending amazing sporting events, with USC Football being the capstone
  • Helping found 3D4E, a now nationally recognized nonprofit focused on 3D printing education
  • Rowing on the USC Men’s Crew Team
  • Conceptualizing, designing, and prototyping a medical device from start to finish (treats Carpal Tunnel syndrome)
  • Participating in Lavalab, a product design incubator for students
  • Working at Blackstone Launchpad, an on campus resource for students interested in innovation
  • Interning at PricewaterhouseCoopers, (and accepting a fulltime position in their consulting line of service!)
  • Participating in Undergraduate Student Government
  • Visiting Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and China through iPodia
  • And many more

I know that a majority of these things I would only ever have been able to do at USC, and in Viterbi in particular, and am eternally grateful that I chose USC.

That being said, wherever you find yourself this coming fall, make the best of it and you won’t be disappointed.

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