Hey guys,

I am super excited for everything going on this fall! To start with, I’m taking the following classes:

WRIT340- Advanced Writing for Engineers

EE202 – Linear Circuits

PHYS152 – Electromagnetism

ARTL101G – Introduction to Poetry

BME423 – Statistics in Biomedical Engineering

All of my professors are great! Two of my favorites so far are Dana Gioia and Satsuki Takahasi, who teach ARTL101G and EE202, respectively. Professor Gioia is a well known and published poet who actually was the chair for the national foundation for the arts. Professor Takahashi recently graduated USC and is already giving back to the community!

Dana Gioia

I am also getting involved with helping Professor Lu with this semester of ENGR345. If you guys remember, I actually took the course last year and went to Israel as part of the extended semester. iPodia; Practices and Principles of Global Innovation, is a class that lets students learn concepts that bridge the gap between business and engineering. However, these students learn with other peers from around the world in a real time, videoconferencing environment. Different concepts are explored especially in regard to different cultural influences. Overall, I am super pumped to be able to work on this project with people from Germany, Qatar, India, and the United Arab Emirates. Check it out at ipodia.usc.edu.

Another thing I working on this semester is my continued internship with myLAB. I worked over the summer doing a host of different things, and this will continue into the semester as we continue to move forward.

Finally, I am super excited to announce that 3D4E, a club that we started on campus last year, is expanding. We have a lot in store, especially in the next coming month, so stay tuned for more information!

My 3D printer!



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