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With finals and winter break approaching, I wanted to spend some time this week summarizing my favorite moments of fall 2015.


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PwC. Almost a month ago, I signed my full time offer with PricewaterhouseCoopers to return to their Advisory line of service in Boston starting next fall. I am incredibly honored and excited to be starting my career with some of the smartest people I have had the pleasure to work with. I’ll be working in the healthcare industry, applying concepts I’ve learned throughout my time at USC to complex problems that companies run into when providing services for their patients. 


Stanford v. USC Football game. Coming from Northern California, this game has always been one that I have looked forward to every year. From my freshman year (when we were ranked #1 in the pre-season) to this year, every game we have played has been a good one. Over the last ten years, the Stanford / USC rivalry has been bigger and bigger. To be completely honest, I would rather beat Stanford than UCLA… weird I know. Although we lost this year, I am very excited to see how we play this Saturday at the PAC12 Championship game for the rematch of the season!


Thanksgiving trip. This year, I went up to Santa Barbara and then home to the Bay area for Thanksgiving. I got to see some old friends of mine from high school and catch up. Last year, I was unable to because I went to Dubai for the iPodia program’s Fall 2014 trip, which was a blast, but I was very happy to go up north and see my family.

Santa Barbara Thanksgiving Break

Santa Barbara Thanksgiving Break


Senior portraits. As my fourth year at USC is coming to a close, one of my favorite things to do was take my senior portraits. It’s always something I’ve loved doing (even in high school), because it signals the start of another chapter of my life.


Joshua Tree. After travelling to eleven different countries in the last year and a half, I started to realize that there was still so much of my own country that I hadn’t seen. Even three hours outside of Los Angeles, there was a national park that promised adventure (and some really great night photography spots). I went camping there over the weekend with a couple friends of mine, and we caught some great photos in one of the most beautiful areas in California.

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3D4E. This semester, 3D4E, the 3D printing club at USC, became a California Public Benefit company and we gained chapters at Harvey Mudd and Arizona State University. Some of you may know that this semester I have been working on getting 3D4E recognized as a national nonprofit company. We’re still a couple steps away from realizing that goal, but we are well on our way!


iPodia reunion. I was able to meet up with two friends from Aachen University this semester when they were in Los Angeles for a bit. Last semester, a couple different Aachen students came to LA and we went to Wurstkuche (a popular German restaurant near downtown), but this time we went to Urth Cafe, which is located in the arts district. It was great to get to catch up with friends who I hadn’t seen in almost a year (since we went on the Dubai trip together).


HackSC. HackSC was an event held about three weeks ago which hosted over six hundred students from schools all over California. I loved being able to participate in the event because there were a bunch of students who were interested in learning more about 3D printing (and we also had a bunch of extra 3D printers supplied by 3D systems!). Check out the video below.


And finally, while not technically during this semester,  over winter break I’ll be heading to South Africa for two weeks!

Hope you guys have a great winter break!


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