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This week I wanted to talk a little bit about what there is to do outside of Los Angeles; I’ve always been a bit of an outdoorsy person, so I’ll focus on some of my favorite areas around Los Angeles and the Southern California area to get away for a couple of days.


Joshua Tree

Although it’s not the only place to see Joshua Trees in Southern California, this is definitely one of the best places to do so. There’s plenty of opportunities to do some great camping away from the light pollution in the Los Angeles area, and sights like this are the reason for coming out.


Death Valley

just got back from my first visit to Death Valley National Park and I am already planning for my next one. Definitely one of the more surprisingly beautiful areas that I have ever been to. There’s not much out in the desert, but it’s nice to be able to climb some of the peaks and sand dunes and experience some of the quietest and most peaceful areas in all of California. Check out some images from my trip over the weekend below!

racetrack EurekaValleyDunesNight

Santa Barbara Hills

I’ve been to Santa Barbara plenty of times, mostly because my brother went to school in the area. Definitely a great area to get away for the weekend, with some great college culture both in downtown Santa Barbara and in Goleta. Perhaps the best parts of Santa Barbara are the hills behind the city. Some great views and opportunities to camp, including at Lake Cachuma.


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