Hey everyone!


This week I’d like to talk about the new classes I have been taking this semester. I am currently taking:


  • Material Science: Behavior and Properties
  • Computational Methods in Engineering
  • Mathematics of Physics and Engineering
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Evolutionary Biology

All of my classes are extremely fun! My two favorite courses are organic chemistry and material science- even though there is a lot of studying for both! The professors are genuinely interested in their field of study and that enthusiasm is easy to see during lecture. It also helps when your Material Science teacher brings you coffee in the morning for those rough 8:00 AM classes.


My Organic Chemistry teacher in particular is extremely brilliant in his field, and often finds fun ways to get the lecture interactive while still teaching the course material. For example, just today he let us play with a beach volleyball in class to show chemical mechanisms in reactions. He proposed that the reaction (the number of times the volleyball was hit) depended on the reagents (the people in the lecture room). He then let us perform the experiment to gather data and we found that the difference when we used half the class and the entire class was marginal because we already had a saturated environment for the reaction to take place! A little thinking outside the box!

photo (1)

I’m looking so much forward to seeing what other surprises my professors have in store!



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