Hi guys!

Since it’s now all finalized, I wanted to talk about the classes that I am taking this semester. To start with, I am starting to work on my Entrepreneurship minor, so I am extremely stoked to get to learn more about some of the ideas that I have been surrounded by at the Blackstone Launchpad. That being said, I am taking BAEP451, the Fundamentals of New Enterprises, which helps us learn more about the first steps in creating a business.


On the more engineering side, I am taking BME302L, an introduction to Medical Electronics. Basically, the course takes the circuitry lessons and fundamentals that I learned last semester in EE202L, and applies them to biomedical applications. For instance, we will be actually making a medical device (a simple ECG machine probably) by the end of the semester. We use a specialized software that models and simulates complex electrical systems to help enhance our knowledge of how certain systems work.


Another course I am taking is ITP499. In the course catalogs, it is titled as “Special Topics”, but the actual course name is Biomechanical Design; it uses Solidworks to help biomedical engineers learn how to use computer aided design (CAD) software to make tools and objects that are associated with the body. One of my goals this semester is to study ergonomics and use the knowledge of this course to model more ergonomically designed surgical tools. Below is a crankshaft we made earlier this semester.


Lastly, I am taking BME451, a course that looks at biomedical engineering microdevices. It seems to be more of a material science course, which I am totally fine with! I love learning about the different types of materials and microstructures that heavily influence the work we do on a day to day basis.




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