Hey guys! I cannot believe it is already the end of my freshman year! I feel like it was just yesterday that my parents were unpacking the car and I was moving into my dorm at Trojan Hall. I have done so much in my first year here at USC and I thought I would give an overview of three of the most fun times I have had.

  1. Welcome Week! Before the first week of classes started, USC hosts a week to welcome everyone back from summer. The dorms held pizza parties to give the students an opportunity to meet all of the other freshmen. Later in the week, there was a highlighter party and a big concert in McCarthy quad. This last year, the artist was White Panda who gave an amazing performance. My friends and I went and danced our hearts out. We had the time of our lives!



2. Football Games! Nothing is better than walking around campus on game day and seeing the sea of cardinal and gold. Everyone from students to faculty to alumni is pumped with school spirit taking part in all of the festivities. When our team scores a touchdown, nothing beats the high fives and loud cheers. I remember my first football game sitting in the student section when I was lifted up for every touchdown we scored. There is truly nothing like USC school spirit!



3. Sorority Events! Joining a PanHellenic sorority allowed me to meet so many amazing and inspirational women from all over campus. Through sisterhood and philanthropy events, I have grown closer to the girls that I now call my best friends. My fondest memory from this was Big-Little Reveal night, where I met my big sister in the sorority for the first time! We went rollerblading in matching tiger suits. Rawr! She has truly been such a great role model and friend to me all year, and I cannot wait for the fun times with her to come.



These are just a few of my favorite memories here, and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for me. Fight on!




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