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Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed watching the football game this weekend as we beat Colorado. Woohoo! Now that the fun from homecoming week is coming to an end, it is time for me to get back in my schoolwork mindset. On that note, I thought I would use this week’s blog to tell you about one of my favorite study spots – Pi Beta Phi.

This year I live in my sorority’s house and have really come to appreciate the different places available for studying here. It is nice to work from the comfort of my home, keeping my pajamas and slippers on throughout the day. One of my favorite locations within the house is the study room. There are blue books, pencils, and other supplies available to us 24/7. It is a spacious room with table space, available plugs, and a couch for lounging. Another perk is the closet with binders and old notes from sisters in the house! I also love the pictures with small inspirational quotes on the walls.


A sign in the Pi Phi study room!

A sign in the Pi Phi study room!

Another place that I like to study in Pi Beta Phi is the dining room. There are long tables with lots of space to lay out all of my papers and study supplies. It also has many windows that let light in to make for a brighter setting. After dinner every night this becomes a quiet area dedicated to studying. There are always snacks and drinks provided from our house mom to keep us refreshed.

Since the dining room becomes a silent room at night, a great place to have study groups is the blue room. There is a round table to use with lots of space and a couch for more space too. If this room is full, the music room also is useful for group work. There are couches and tables with enough space for up to 6 people!

I really enjoy the perks of living in the house. There never seems to be a shortage of places to study and that is because we all want to encourage each other to work our hardest. I hope you enjoyed this small blurb about my favorite study spot. Check in next week for another blog about my life in Viterbi! Fight on!





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