Hey everyone! I hope you have been enjoying your week so far! The weekend is finally here! It’s a bummer because this is the first weekend that we don’t have a home football game. I have had so much fun at all of the games so far and thought I’d tell you a little bit about why I love game day at USC so much!

For starters, I have been attending USC football games since I was a little girl. My dad, who went here back in the day, had me all decked out in my mini song girl outfit and baseball cap ready to cheer on the team with him. To this day, my dad has the most school spirit out of anyone I know! He has had season tickets for as long as I can remember and never misses a game! Back then, my favorite part of game day was seeing the band and song girls perform outside of Bovard Auditorium on their way to the Coliseum. It was such a lively and spirited environment! It became routine for me to get dressed in my cardinal and gold and head to campus for every home game as I grew up, and I loved it! Seeing how spirited the entire student body was made me want to be a part of that from a very young age. Now that I can call myself a member of the Trojan family, attending games is an even more amazing and enjoyable experience.



Just imagine every inch of campus being covered in cardinal and gold as people barbeque and socialize before the games. My parents still host a tailgate every weekend and invite all of their friends and family. Just thinking about their baked potato bar and barbecue ribs makes my mouth water. Game day would definitely not be the same without my dad’s yummy cooking! I also attend tailgating events with my sorority sisters. We are paired with a fraternity which is a great way to meet new people and get pumped! We also order the cutest game day gear that I get so excited to wear to the games.



To this day, I still love when the band and song girls perform outside of Bovard Auditorium. They get the whole community excited and ready to head over to the Coliseum. We walk over in a sea, anxious to cheer on our team! On the way over, we have a tradition to kick the bottom of the lamp posts as a sign of good-luck. Once we arrive in the stadium, the band is playing and the energy is on high! There is honestly nothing like the student section…Some people even come with their bodies fully painted in cardinal and gold! The atmosphere is nothing less of amazing! Every touch down the entire section goes crazy singing along and as always, fighting on with our victory signs.


Game day encapsulates one of the main reasons that I love USC: SPIRIT! Trojan students, alumni, and staff have the most contagious energy on game day and we all have a common love for USC. I know that even after I graduate I will be coming back to USC for games, because once a Trojan, always a Trojan. I hope you all have enjoyed reading a little about why I love game day so much!

Have a great weekend! Fight on!







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