Hey! I hope everyone has had another great week! My first round of finals is finally over so that’s a big relief! In the midst of all of my preparing and studying for my exams, my sorority hosted a week called Pink Angel Week. This is a week when all of the active members are paired up with a new member in the sorority as her little sister. The new members do not find out who their big sister is until the very end of the week after lots of little treats and surprises. I thought I would tell you why I love Big-Little Reveal so much!

Sunday night was the start of Pink Angel Week. All of the active members received the list of the pairings of big and little sisters. When I read the list, I was lucky enough to have gotten twins! I was so excited to get to plan a whole theme that they would both love. Since they are both edgy and fun girls, I decided that their whole week would be 80’s themed with guitars, neon, and lots and lots of glitter. Monday night, I left them each a frame with a little poem inside of it to get them excited for the many festivities the week had in store for them! (By the way, this is all completely anonymous until Thursday night. The little sisters all are clueless to who their big sister is and get clues throughout the week to help piece it all together.)

Tuesday began the real fun! We all made boards with the girls’ names on them and left them all throughout the sorority house. Everyone had their own theme and planned out amazing decorations! There were themes ranging from under the sea to country hoedown to pirate. At the bottom of our boards, we left them candy, nail polish, magazines, and other little treats. It was fun to see how artistic and creative some of the girls got!


My Little’s Board!

When Wednesday came, we all left Pi Phi gear including hats, shirts, frames, and fanny packs. We also left little poems with hints about who we were. Sometimes we would give them misleading clues in order to throw them off a little bit and make the week even more intriguing. Here is one of the poems I left:

I know you are a real fun girl,

So I thought I’d take you for a whirl

Back to a time when Madonna was big

And people no longer did the jig.

The newest thing was the Rubic’s cube and the newest hits were from U2.

So enjoy all these yummy treats this week,

And play your bedazzled guitar like a geek.

You will know who I am in a few short days,

But here are some hints to start you on this maze.

I’m from the OC and sail the seas.

My favorite kind of food is cheese.

So enjoy these goodies all week please!!

Thursday was finally the day to get to reveal myself! I left them each a costume in front of their boards! They got dressed that night and went to a restaurant where I surprised them in the same costume! It was so fun to get to dance the night away and welcome Gigi and Gina into my Pi Phi family!


My Rocking Family

This was definitely one of my favorite memories so far this year, and I cannot wait to see who my Grand-Littles will be next year! As always have a great weekend and fight on!





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