What? We’re already through the first week? Man time flies when you’re having fun!

This semester’s classes are looking so fun. I’m taking Computer-Aided Analyses for Aero-Mechanical Design (or just AME 308), Dynamics of Fluids, Thermodynamics, the infamous Mechop, and I’m getting into my Entrepreneurship minor with the Management of New Enterprises, and I snuck in the design team tech elective for USC Racing. Basically, I’m finally getting into the meat of the MechE courses here!

It’s an interesting work load but my professors are incredible and I’m looking forward to applying all the basic principles I’ve learned up to this point. Plus, I have two classes that promise to teach me how to think in new ways. Mechop is completely geared for teaching students to think like proper engineers with the know how to set up and obtain data from your own experiments. My entrepreneurship class intends on showing me how to see opportunities that have the potential to become incredible ventures, and it’s teaching me how to get way outside of my comfort zone with a number of stranger meet ups.

Outside of my classes I’m staying busy with a few orgs. USC Racing is getting underway with design. My job has been with the business team, applying for sponsorships and sending letters to fund this year’s car, you can’t go fast without money! Last year some friends and I started what is USC’s first 3D printing club: 3D4E. We’ve also been working on sponsorship, but we recently approached the Blackstone Launchpad here at USC. We’ve found so many resources are available to us, and it’s looking more, and more like 3D printing is going to take USC by storm in the next few years! I’m so excited to see this idea fulfilled because the opportunities that this opens up are nearly endless!

3D4E group pic

3D4E Executive Board. We just partnered with the Blackstone Launchpad group at USC, and we’re looking forward to bringing 3D printing to USC!

Boy, was Saturday was a great way to kick off the football season! The games are more fun every year, and hammering Fresno State set a great tone for this new Sarkisian era. I think the coolest part of the day was hanging out with my professor at his family’s tailgate! He gave an open invite to come visit, and he whipped up some homemade sushi to boot! Definitely a good experience.

First one down, so many more exciting weeks to come!

I was hanging with Lauren and Molly and we had to get a VSA picture on Gameday!

I was hanging with Lauren and Molly and we had to get a VSA picture on Gameday! Fight On!

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