My schedule this semester bounces me across campus on every day of the week. From VHE to RTH, and Hoffman Hall (HOH) to Grace Ford Salvatori (GFS); but one place is becoming a constant, a home away from home: the west lobby at ASC, Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism!

I say Annenberg and your thoughts might jump to the fancy new building sitting next to the bookstore. Good try, but I’m not writing about that snazzy new structure. I’m talking about the oft forgotten building across from Hertiage Hall (where all of the Heisman trophies make their home) that most people now call “Old Annenberg.” It’s subtle, and you’ve probably passed it a hundred times without giving it so much as a passing glance, but let me show you why you might want to slow down and take a look the next time you walk by.

For starters, the west lobby is, without a doubt, one of the best study spots on campus. A large, spacious room with loads of table space, and comfortable chairs make it easy to find a spot to get work done. Moreover, the room dampens noise making it ideal for both group an individual study. If you have been in need of a quiet place to study, that’s a little off the beaten path but is close to everything, this is your place!

As an added bonus, I’ve been working on 3D printers in the lobby! 3D4E, the 3D printing club that Jordan and I have written about about a bit already, was staged in the Innovation Lab for the first few weeks of school, and is now moving across the room to the new Blackstone Launchpad room. As a part of the team I get the opportunity to play around and print things I dream up in CAD programs. But, this resource isn’t only for me. Anyone who wants to print their own models can use the Makerbot, supplied by the Blackstone group. So, if you want to print a cool object or just seem some fun things we’ve already made, come take a look!


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