Hear about what living at USC is like whether you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior! There’s a lot of different options to fit your needs and you can watch and read all about our experiences here. From air conditioning to a mini fridge and microwave, the amenities and features available are endless. We have a diverse bank of memories from where we’ve lived and want to share all of them with you!

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Cafes & Restaurants

Even if you are not on a meal plan, there are still plenty of places all around campus. Meeting up with friends is super convenient at some of the cafes and restaurants nearby. An insider tip: show your student ID to get tax taken off!

Food Court: Within the ground floor of TCC, there is a large food court that contains the following: Panda Express, The Habit, California Pizza Kitchen, Verde, and Coffee Bean.

Seeds Marketplace: Seeds is almost like a mini grocery store, offering everything from snacks to crackers, all the way to a full meal like salads, sushi, and rotisserie chicken!

Lemonade: Located on the 2nd floor of TCC, besides offering a large variety of refreshing lemonade beverages, Lemonade also has veggies, salad, pasta, and sandwiches.

Dining Halls

Buffet style, freshly made omelettes, midnight dinners during study days–these are just a few of our favorite memories. Salad bar, sandwich bar, and a hot food section we love the dining halls!

Everybody’s Kitchen (EVK): Located near McCarthy quad and the main hub of campus, EVK stands out with a grill in the outdoor eating area. The grill serves delicious hamburgers, hot dogs, turkey burgers, veggie burgers and even sometimes salmon!

Parkside: Located near the engineering buildings, Parkside’s strength comes from having the most options. Every day there are multiple stations for hot food with completely different options, so it is always easy to find what you like best.

Café 84: Located near the Lyon Center, Café 84 is one of the healthiest dining halls. Café 84 has a crepe station, a wok bar, and daily smoothies. With freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning, the entrees are made for you to grab quickly.


Sometimes we need an extra pick me up. We love our energy smoothies and coffees. Here are our favorite places to get the day going and keep our studying mode up.

RTH Cafe: Around the Engineering School you’ll find RTH Cafe. Other than snacks and full meals, you can also grab a cup of coffee within minutes. As an extra plus you can choose from a variety of options from hot to cold, latte to ice blend and even add drizzles of caramel or vanilla! Dining dollars, discretionary, credit and cash all accepted!

Nekter Juice Bar: If you’re not up for having caffeine or coffee, there’s a healthy smoothie option just down the road. At nekter you can choose from a variety of juices, smoothies and bowls–all made from fresh fruit!

Trojan Grounds: If you’re looking for both–coffee, fruit juice or even fruit tea–you’ll be able to get the beverage of your choice at Starbucks. Known as Trojan Grounds or “Tro gro” for short, you’ll be able to get any coffee or fruit juice you need 24 hours a day! Conveniently located close to the middle of campus (also next to the 24hr library) Tro Gro will be your reliable resource.

That’s right, one of our favorite things about LA is food! Check out our favorite restaurants here

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