With a three day weekend, comes the opportunity to take a quick get away.  Over President’s Day weekend, a group of friends and I traveled off to San Diego to relax, bond and take in the beach life.

My first time traveling around San Diego, it’s a great city to go to for a short trip.  Just a few hours with traffic away from Los Angeles, the weather and things to do in SD are endless.  From the zoo to the aquarium to hanging out by the shore to hitting up the Gas Lamp District, we were running around and having fun.

A small amusement park was nearby so it was nice to revisit childhood fun and walk around a carnival type setting.  Right next to the shore, we got out the old football and tossed it around hearing the waves break in the background. We also went to a few national parks (which had free parking due to the holiday!) which are also worth a look.

Finally, food is never a problem.  With a plethora of places to eat around we were enjoying sandwiches and pizzas all weekend.  While short, the break was much needed and definitely memorable.  So trip to SD: highly recommended.




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