One of my favorite USC traditions, rather unexpectedly, happens during finals week.  For three nights during stop days (time blocked out before finals start) the dining halls open up at midnight for those who have the late night cravings.

Rotating each day, I remember heading to each dining hall my freshman year at midnight covered in highlighter ink and post its ready to get a bowl of cereal and scrambled eggs.  My personal favorie is lucky charms.  Midnight breakfasts are a great tradition for us to take a break from studying and memorizing after hours on end.  I remember how nice it was to see everyone else.  The few hours were great for all of us to relax.

Sometimes we just go to the dining hall with our students and chat (and get free food :D)

The dining halls also have a few other traditions…every now and then they’ll have theme nights and go all out with decorations, a DJ and themed food.  My personal favorite theme was during Thanksgiving.  A few days before actual Thanksgiving break the gourds, paper turkey decorations and table place settings came out. The entire dining hall had a brown-red-orange color scheme and the food was delicious.  I was absolutely stuffed with not only turkey but also mashed potatoes, cranberries and gravy. Other cool themes included Hawaiian and Fiesta.


I spent a lot of time in the dining halls my freshman year and I have to say some of my best memories are from there too!


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