Who knew that winter break is just around the corner which means a wrap up of my fall semester as a junior.  Looking back, time went by so quickly that I have so many memories to share.  Here’s a breakdown of my favorite ten:

10. #ViterbiLuau: we kicked off the semester with a great start at the viterbi luau.  It was awesome to see all the student orgs and new students mingling and getting ready for the school year.

9. Freshman academy PB&J competition: for my first year as an academy coach, I couldn’t have asked for a better class and co-coach.  The whole semester was a lot of fun and definitely informative when it came to how security effects all engineering disciplines.  My top memory is the PB&J competition the students participated in.

8. JOUR 340: one of my favorite classes this semester was intro to advertising.  My professor not only is head of media arts lab who handles Apple’s campaign, but he also had a bunch of prominent guest speakers come talk to us.  Our final project was even handling a real problem and campaign for Dr. Pepper

7. #DiscoverUSC: this year discover usc had an extra plus with the photobooth! The day was even more exciting when we got to take a pic with USC themed props to document the day!

6. Halloween at Knott’s Scary Farm: easily frightened, Halloween night this year was truly memorable.  Going to Knott’s Scary Farm and the mazes are worth doing at least once! Relatively close to campus and pretty cheap when subsidized by the building government for Car Gar, it’s a convenient easy Halloween night option.

5. Conquest: One of my friends is a graduating athlete this year and it was super cool to see him on stage getting the crowd pumped and ready for the game against UCLA.  The spirit was definitely tangible and it was nice to see the whole school together.

3. Jimmy Kimmel LIVE: I spontaneously got to see Mindy Kaling, Vince Vaughn and Rick Ross on the Jimmy Kimmel with Betty over Thanksgiving Break.  It was my first time on a set and it was super cool to see the set and all the guests in person.  One of the best parts of LA is all the show biz around!

2. Semester with the roommates: one of my best friends and current apartment mate is going abroad next semester so we took every opportunity we had to go explore LA together one last time.  From discovering new restaurants to just hanging out and playing tennis, living together with your bestie is worth mentioning in my top 10 moments at SC!

1. The Weekender: I finally made the trip up to the Bay Area to watch the SC vs. Stanford game in which we returned as winners for the second year in a row! The road trip is long but a blast with close friends and a trip to SF is always a lot of fun and filled with delicious places to eat

Well that sums up the fall…Spring 2015 here we come!



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