With midterm season in the air, I’m going to share one of the best tips I’ve received since freshman year: form a study group!  Whether it’s math, science, chemical/biomedical/electrical/civil/mechanical/industrial systems etc. –really any class for any engineering, I’d say wading through homework and projects is much better with a few friends by your side.  After all the saying goes “two heads are better than one,” so four or five heads must be even better!

Algorithm Analysis


I’ve had to take a few programming focused classes so far involving homework heavily emphasizing MATLAB and Mathematica skills.  These programs are huge assets to completing problems efficiently; thus, I was a bit intimidated and nervous coming in for I had prior knowledge on any sort of coding.  But I soon discovered that these worries were premeditated.

Some MATLAB code


The class itself provides enough guidance and practice to adjust to coding language and by working with a group of friends, I am able to see mistakes I’ve made and realize that there’s multiple ways to approach the same problem. Sometimes talking through a problem helps me notice steps that I’ve missed or typos I’ve made.  Homework also becomes more enjoyable when I can laugh with others about silly mistakes made too!


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