VINE for the Viterbi Industry Networking Event happens annually the night before the Fall Career Fair.  The dinner is an opportunity to in one word, which is extremely important these days: network.

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Networking is metting with people and discussing areas of interest to increase awareness of a field and potential career options.  Meeting and talking with someone first hand rather than over email or through a paper resume is much more beneficial to both the student and the company representative.  The face to face introduction provides the chance to develop chemistry and an accurate feel for the person’s personality and goals.


Moreover, in addition to gaining a better understanding of the responsibilities required, I also seeked some valuable advide from someone who has already navigated through a similar path I aspire to embark. Some helpful networking tips can be found here.  However, I always try to keep in mind that meeting an industry rep is still meeting another person–that we’re still simply having a conversation, so I can prepare but the discussion should be natural!

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