If you’re craving something sweet and cold head to Salt & Straw.  You don’t have to give up ice cream during the fall and winter in Los Angeles; so this past Tuesday my friends and I took a trip to Larchmont where a small ice cream parlor serves the best ice cream on the block.

The menu had exquisitely unique flavors from Avocado & Strawberry for a lighter fruitier taste to Almond Brittle and Gooey Brownie for the chocolate lovers.  Can’t decide between the two?  Have both!  Customers can choose to have a split scoop of two different flavors so that they don’t miss out on tasting something absolutely delicious.

Street side parking is pretty convenient to find and there are several neighboring boutiques to make heading to Salt & Straw and easy relaxing quick escape from studying and campus.  So if you’re ever looking for a place to go — directions are here.


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