The American Institute of Chemical Engineers is a professional student organization for students interested in a field related to chemical engineering.  Interests in specific futures range from petroleum to consulting to consumer products such as food.  The org hosts a variety of activities that open doors to expanding your network and learning something new about what CHE has to offer.  Below is just a preview of some of our annual events–to hear what others have more to say about them click here!

1. Industry Tours: to see first hand what the professional world is like, AIChE organizes many tours of potential jobs grads can take.

2. Holiday Networking Event: meet and mingle with faculty, staff and recruiters at a fun holiday themed event with food and guest speakers.

3. Mentor program: relax and hear what CHE is like first from an upperclassman; a great resource, freshman and sophomore members are matched up with a junior and senior to provide insight into  what classes are like and what internships are available

A plus are the free milkshakes/food involved!
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