I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of the spring semester already! There’s so much to reflect on and look forward to.

It’s hard to sum up this past semester but when I think back, three key events come to mind.

1. CHE 350: Separations.  Starting to take more upper division classes, I’m definitely getting a clearer understanding of chemical engineering and what the industry encompasses.  One of the most insightful classes I took this semester was Separations which is a pretty self explanatory class title.  Essentially, we learned the process of separating different mixtures of components and phases.  I really enjoyed hearing how our professor explained how the theory and mathematical procedures we learned in class actually applied to the real world.

2. Los Angeles.  As I mention in several previous posts, I love getting to share with my friends from home and family about all the places I get to visit in one of America’s largest and famous cities.  This semester was no less adventurous as I went to my first concert in LA at the Wiltern and explored more hiking trails in Palm Springs.  The music scene is fantastic in LA and getting to be just a few rows away from Imagine Dragons was one of my favorite nights.  Also, the nature and weather here is something I don’t get back in the north east.  So getting to explore the oasis and scenery around the area over spring break was equally as amazing.

3. USC Facilities.  I’m definitely glad I took more advantage of the Lyon Center this semester.  Not only did I start using more of the equipment but I got to try some of the classes they offered like zumba, spinning and even boxing! It’s a lot of fun to go with a friend and you feel a hundred percent better afterwards.

Thinking back to everything that’s happened I can’t help but feel even more anxious for the summer! I’ll be staying here in California but heading to Bakersfield to intern at Chevron.  With an immense help from Viterbi Career Services, I’m cannot wait to intern as a petroleum engineer for Chevron and not only learn more about the petroleum industry but also hope to contribute something.

With that, my story in Bakersfield is to be continued…and it’s strange but  exciting to say hello junior year!






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