We’re back for the spring 2015 semester and there’s a whole lot in store!  This semester I’m taking some of the most relevant chemical engineering classes including CHE 444a, MASC 350 and CHEM453.

444a is a lab based class consisting of 9 different hands on lab reports that are applicable to the real world.  I’ll not only learn how to work in groups and write a proper lab report but also work with a variety of new equipment.  MASC350 is additionally a lab type class in which I’ve already learned about how nanotechnology plays a role in drug delivery and other real life scenarios.  CHEM453 is inorganic chemistry and my last semester of chemistry!  While challenging, I’m already looking forward to what I’ll have to learn.



Additionally, I’ll be taking another thematic option class which coincidentally’ll be relevant to my minor: Consumer Behavior.  I’ll be studying consumption from a historical perspective such as how department stores have evolved over time.

In other news, I’m super excited to see Wicked this Wednesday! I’ll have updates on that next week.




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