Looking for something spontaneous to do on a Saturday?  Last weekend a group of friends and I headed just 20mins away to Santa Monica Pier and Third Street Promenade.

While close by, it was nice to get away from campus and enjoy the sun, dip our feet in the waves, ride a few roller coasters, play some boardwalk games and grab a nice dinner.  Two of the guys even won the ring toss and got to take home giant stuffed animals!  From funnel cake to ice cream, beach type desserts hit just the right spot and leave you satisfied.

Of all the rides, I’d highly recommend the roller coaster and playing a few of the games–like I just mentioned it’s likely you might win!  For dinner places, I’d say head to third street and check out the map which has all the restaurants categorized into the type of cuisine so you can easily spot the right food for you from shakes and burgers to vegetarian greens.

A unique part of Santa Monica is also the gymnastics type jungle gym with bars, swings and ropes for people to climb on and get quite the workout in.

The sunset is also absolutely breathtaking and at night the reflection of lights from the pier on the water is a view worth seeing.




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