It’s April Spring type weather almost everyday in LA which means plenty of opportunities to be outside whether to relax or even study!

Here’s a go to list of my favorite outdoor study/meeting places where it’s not too crowded, too noisy and has just the right amount of shade:

1. Engineering Quad: or as we refer to it E-Quad for short.  Right in the heart of the Viterbi School of Engineering, lounge chairs and tables are set up for you to sit and read or eat.  There’s never an overwhelming amount of other people around you so you can definitely focus and think/meet with others in peace.  A fountain that lights up at night just makes the scene even prettier.  Outlets are there if you need a computer too!

2. Outside of Popovich: for another more secluded quiet atmosphere, outside the graduate business school is another study spot.  Just a short walk from Starbucks too and a step away from Jamba Juice sold at Popovich Cafe, having a meeting or an intense study session is the perfect place here.  There’s umbrella’s and arches that provide shade during the day!

3. Mudd Hall Courtyard: Same as the first two and if you’re looking for the perfect spot for pictures and special occasions, head to the courtyard next to Mudd Hall.  With characteristic arches you can’t miss it!


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