With the last week of classes just around the corner and the thought of finals looming ahead, stress levels are starting rise as students not only rush to study but figure out their plans to move out.  While it may seem like there’s a lot on our plate, each task is more than manageable–especially if we know of the right resources available.

If you’re out of state and you need a place to store your stuff over the summer, you have a variety of options described below:

1. USC Housing: USC provides a great summer storage option. You schedule a time for pick up and drop off and you’re all moved out/in for May and August.  They store everything from bikes to books to suitcases to anything you can throw in a box.  The price is reasonable and you get the convience of not having to move anything yourself.  More info: HERE

2. Box-n-go: self storage is an option too.  With Box-n-go you essentially get a giant box for you to put all your stuff in yourself.  Rather than pricing by the box, you’re charged a set price for the box and you can put as many things as you can fit inside.  More info: HERE

Rather than storing, it might be easier to sell! Or if you’re looking to buy cheap furniture or other housing stuff–many people are getting rid of their stuff at the end of the semester. Check out the following websites to see if you can pick up a new TV, rug, bike etc:

1. USC Free and For Sale: everyday people are posting stuff they’re trying to get rid of on this website.  From cars to bikes to headphones to clothes you can find anything you’re looking for HERE

Want instant notifications? Search for the Facebook Group.

With these helping sites and info at hand move out/in is significantly less overwhelming and definitely something I and you can do on your own!



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