Sometimes it’s after 9pm but you’re still hungry, too far from a dining hall and just want a quick bite to eat–and nothing’s in your  fridge.  Ordinarily, this sounds like a hard situation but in LA there’s always a place to go for food.  This week I’m bringing you my quick trip guide to food around campus that’s open when you have a late night of studying or just craving some good food.

1. Shin-Sen-Gumi Hakata Ramen: no more ramen in a cup microwaved with tap water.  Just a quick metro/drive away, Little Tokyo has just what you need when you want a bowl of soup and noodles. Just enough food for one person, you won’t regret stopping by here for something healthy but still savory.  Tip, try to get there a little early cause there may be a wait!


2. Urth Caffe: slightly farther from campus but open until 11, urth is a hot spot for healthy cafe food from wraps to teas to coffees.  The matcha tea is my personal favorite and tastes just as delicious as it looks where they top it with a white swirl of cream.  The salads are amazing too to give a taste.

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3. Dino’s Chicken and Burgers: for fries soaked in chickens with a side of tortillas, coleslaw and more you’ll get a burst of flavor here and the food is quick and easy to take out.  I highly recommend getting the chicken and if you’re not too hungry be willing to split with friends.

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4. Himalayan House: not too far from campus, if you’re looking for a wide spread of some authentic Himalayan/nepalese food  you’ll want to stop by this place.  Basmati rice, chicken tikka massala, lamb special etc. The menu goes on and on and is available to both vegetarians, meat lovers and anyone that wants a taste of tibet/himalayan/indian.


5. Rewts: there’s nothing more staple to LA then boba.  Super close to campus (you can cruiser/uber with USC), rewts is a great new boba place with all organic teas to either give you a boost of energy or calm you down for the night.

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Keep up with future food blogs, here’s just the ones close to campus and open post 9pm. Happy eating!

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