I can’t believe it’s the end! …of undergrad that is — there’s still so much to do and exciting things to look forward to after graduation!

In just short of a month, I’ll be starting a new chapter in Houston as a Petroleum Engineer. Growing up in NJ then coming out to the west coast to live in Los Angeles was one of the best decisions I’ve made so I can’t wait to take on a new location and explore the difference in culture, lifestyle and even the places to eat! I’m told it’s natural to feel nervous at first but I can confidently say that I feel like USC and Viterbi have helped me grow to prepare for adapting to a new location.

Thinking back on my time here and a million memories come to mind in which only a few can be included in this post.  My personal favorites are:

  1. The food: I’ve had to bookmark my favorite restaurants, bakeries, dessert spots etc. on yelp to keep track. There was never a hungry moment during undergrad whether it was a free food event (there’s one today catered by Portos) or grabbing a quick bite to eat with our friends after class.  We either ubered, drove or took the metro.  From Chinese to Indian to Japanese, Korean, Mediterranean, Italian etc. you’ll find your favorite place to eat!
  2. The museums: there’s so much to see whether you’re exploring cars, art, music etc. In the heart of one of the biggest cities, there’s so much to learn and explore. Just across the street you’ll find the rose garden, the natural history museum, and the science center.
  3. The campus events: I’ve never had a dull moment. There are two annual huge concerts that are right on campus bringing a Ferris wheel, icee machine and other unheard things to the center of campus.
  4. The sports events: one of the greatest sources of school spirit even for those who aren’t into athletics are the sports events (most free to all students).  I’ll always remember going to a volleyball game and seeing everyone cheer while we got free long sleeves shirts and pizza, heading to a lacrosse game where we got free scarves, waiting in line outside the Galen center to watch the basketball team beat UCLA etc.  I don’t even have to mention football because it’s a given and you’ll find thousands of blogs about how much we enjoy the experience and getting to see how proud everyone is off our school

I can’t say the list ends there but for now those were my highlights. I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next but you’ll be sure to find me at the alumni events and always an open source to be talking and sharing more about what life as a viterbi student was like.


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