LA isn’t known for its Broadway musicals and shows quite like New York City is, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any to go to for just as an amazing of an experience!

One of my favorite things to do around LA is to find shows to go to and within the past three years I definitely have some highlights.

  1. Jimmy Kimmel Live: Just a short drive over to Hollywood I got to see Jimmy Kimmel with one of my best friends for free! We got to see guest stars Mindy Kaling and Rhonda Rousey talk and then a live free concert of Rick Ross afterwards. Moreover, it’s a whole other experience to just be part of a live taping.  I never realized the size of the actual set from the TV screen or the amount of energy needed from the guest audience.  These tickets are easy to get offline, easy to get to and a whole lot of fun!
  2. Wicked: I got to see Wicked perform at the Pantages last semester and it was one of my favorite college memories. The theater is gorgeous and the performance unbelievable.  With the metro dropping us off right in front of the theater it was easy to get to and hassle free.  There’s nothing like watching a broadway musical to lift up the spirits.


Which is why I’m now looking forward to the following events too!

  1. Beauty and the Beast: I’ll be revisiting the Pantages this Friday to see Beauty and the Beast. One of my favorite Disney movies, I’m really excited to see it on the live stage.

Pantages Theatre

  1. LA Premiere: Next week, I’ll be watching the Night Before at the Theater at the Ace Hotel. There’s so many opportunities to see pre-screenings and even a class that lets students get a first peak at a movie or show launch so I’m really excited for this experience.

These are just a few highlights of my time in LA exploring shows. There’s many more and so much to do!


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