We’re back into a new fall semester! I’m so excited this year because I’m not only getting into more chemical engineering classes that focus on my emphasis (nanotechnology) but also more of my consumer behavior minor classes.

CHE 487 Nanotechnology and Nanoscale Engineering: I’m looking forward to seeing how nanotechnology today applies to almost everything we use from consumer products to the environment.  We’ll also be making gold nanoparticles and seeing exactly how size effects particle properties.

MKT450 Consumer Behavior and Marketing: We’re studying how advertising campaigns allow us to think a certain way so that we end up wanting to buy their product–even when we know that we’re falling being influenced!  It’s definitely interesting to see how much research is done to understand a specific demographic.

JOUR340 Intro to Advertising: Having a professor that actually works for an Advertising Agency, I’m excited for all the guest speakers he has lined up.  It’s definitely cool getting to meet with people who’ve helped create the ads for BMW, Dr. Pepper etc.

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In between classes, I’m also looking forward to being a coach for freshman academy: a fun class for freshman engineers to learn more about the different disciplines and to meet other engineers!  We also have a lot of cool social activities and industry tours planned for members of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

And to top everything off it’s football season! We had a great start beating the Bulldogs — I can’t wait for the other games!



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