One of the best parts of the weekender, is going up to NorCal and still running into hundreds of other Trojans.  Each year, USC plays an away game against either Stanford or Berkeley and hundreds of fans make the trip up to show our support.  This year we headed to Stanford and came back winners for the second year in a row!

While at our own stadium or in someone else’s, the energy of the crowd is invigorating. The stands are filled with students, alumni and families dressed in red and yellow.  In gear ourselves, I went up with some of my closest friends for an enjoyable relaxing weekend.  We not only toured the area but had a delicious dinner at a small restaurant near our hotel.  I even got to meet up with one of interns I  met over the summer who goes to Stanford.

With our band playing at half time and the spirit leaders keeping us together, #Weekender2014 is definitely going to go as one of my most memorable games at SC.  Indeed, the Trojan Family spirit carries on even after graduation.  I got a text from my sister (who graduated back in 11′ ) on the east coast in DC watching with a bunch of other alumni with the same amount of excitement they had a few years ago when they were students.  Fight On!


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