Looking back it’s hard to imagine what it was like to come to a  new school full of new people, living arrangements and even food.  The transition was pretty smooth though especially when I kept the following quick tips in mind:

1. “Yes” even when in doubt: when it comes to attending school events from free concerts to speakers to joining a student org by just going to a general meeting, don’t be afraid to say yes.  Often, you might not know what you’re interested in until you give it a try.  There are so many opportunities available and no one is expecting you to commit a lifetime just by going to see what’s up once.



2. College memories extend outside of campus: a lot of USC Program Board,Vision and Voices and Residential Events bring you outside the gates of campus to explore the greater Los Angeles area.  Don’t forget you’re in one of the most popular well known cities in the world.  I embraced being a tourist and took every opportunity I could to hit the Santa Monica Pier, beaches you see on TV when anyone refers to Cali, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Dodger stadium etc.

walt disney concert hall

3*******. Yelp it: Just for fun, LA is one of my favorite places to find the best restaurants.  As a foodie, I’m so glad I got a Yelp account to keep track of all the restaurants and sights (places like Griffith and the Last Bookstore are on yelp too) I’ve visited throughout the years.  Whenever I need a place to go just for a weekend or night off, it’s quick and easy to check my bookmarks and find something to do!


Keep these in the back of your mind and you’ll find the four years flying by and packed with good times, people and food.



Chemical Engineering (Nanotechnology), Class of 2016, Learn more on her profile here!