If you’re looking for a quiet place to study or an easy place to meet up with an old friend, I have the insider tip for you.  Over the years I’ve narrowed down my favorite places on campus to the following top 3:

  1. RTH cafe: it’s a popular spot for all engineers but what really draws me are the Bahn Mis and Chai Tea Lattes.  Close to all my classes it’s a great place to stop by for a snack and to schedule a meeting with since most people know how to get there and have another meeting or class not to far from there after
  2. New Annenberg: It’s not just for annenberg students or classrooms! There’s another great cafe and places to sit and relax whether you’re hitting the books or catching up with friends.  With high ceilings and plenty of places to sit or write, it’s not too quiet or too loud so you can easily focus by yourself if with other people
  3. Popovich Cafe: some days in LA, you just can’t pass up for being outside so my favorite go to to catch some sun is just outside popovich Cafe where there are a bunch of green umbrellas to sit under some by outlets for your laptop.  It’s nice to catch some fresh air and it’s not too far from a Starbucks if you’re looking for an extra pick me up

Whether it’s food, a place to chat or a place to study, you can find me at these locations at least once a week.  I love in in LA too though so I’ve expanded my exploration to outside of campus. Continue reading some of my blogs to see where I head to next or check out some of our favorite places to go to under Free Time. 

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